Life Coaching

Originally, it was only athletes who would take advantage of the many benefits of coaching. As time progressed, businesses started to hire coaches as well. Seeing the powerful results that hiring a coach in the business industry could bring, individual people began seeking out life coaches to help them live the life they really wanted.

I could expand on the history of Life Coaching, how it works and the benefits it could bring to your life, but I thought you would find more interesting the opportunity to experience it by yourself through the exercise that follows. I hope you will be able to have a taste of the ‘’magic’’ of coaching.

Observe the following diagram. It represents the Wheel of Life. It is divided in 8 sections that symbolise 8 of the most important life areas. Feel free to eliminate any area that you don’t feel identified with and replace it for any other that most suits your life. Please notice that the number given does not determine the importance of each area.

With the center of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as an ideal 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each life area. Draw a line per area to create a new outer edge for the wheel.

The new perimeter of the circle represents your Wheel of Life. If your life was unbalanced in all the areas, how bumpy would the ride be? It would probably be really difficult for you to move on.

How about if you had a very well balanced wheel but your scores were really low in all the areas of life? How would you live your days? You would have the feeling that you are not moving forward, that it is really hard to achieve your goals.

But, how would your life be if your wheel was large and balanced, with high scores in all the areas? It would surely feel lighter, smooth, like if you could get wherever you wanted with the minimum effort.

Now that you know what the Wheel of Life means choose one of the areas that you got the lower score and you would like to improve.

Since you now have a goal, how would you feel if you could change that score and improve that area of your life? How would your life look like? Can you envision it?

Think about it for a minute and enjoy the mental picture.

Now that you can visualize it and considering your personal circumstances, what could you do TODAY to change your reality and achieve your dream? It doesn’t have to be a huge change, just something small to start with. Do you think you could make this little change? Do you think you could gradually introduce more of these small changes, which together could help you achieve the final goal?

What is wrong? You don’t think you can change. What kind of obstacles are you facing? Are these obstacles real or are you creating them? If your idea of how to change your reality is impossible to achieve, have you considered changing your strategy? If still there is nothing you can do to change your reality, how could you be happier with your current circumstances?

You may be thinking at this point, where is the magic? And I will give you an answer, THERE IS NO MAGIC. Working with a coach is hard work. With this exercise I have tried to put you in perspective and reflect on your life and how you would like to live it. A coach will help you create an action plan and a strategy. The support that a coach will bring to your life could keep you motivated to work towards achieving the goals set and change your life so your Wheel of Life would run light, efficiently and smooth.

Remember that this is just an exercise to introduce you to Life Coaching. If you have completed the exercise you have opened your mind and you are ready to improve your life, congratulations! In any case I hope you found this exercise interesting and fun. Thank you for your time.


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