Top 5 Reasons Why MomPreneurs Start their Own Business

Look around and tell me, how many MomPreneurs started their first business after they had their children? How many MomPreneurs feel passionate about what they do? How many MomPreneurs have succeeded and live fulfilling lives? Why is that?

1 – Flexibility

Having your own business means creating your own schedule, this translates into having the flexibility to take a day off when your children are sick; or a doctor’s appointment; or when they have a school event; or a ballet class. You name it.

2 – Working Hours

Having your own business allows you to work the number of hours that are available to your personal circumstances.

When your children are younger you may just have 3 or 4 hours per day, and not even 5 days per week. As your kids grow, and you find yourself with more time to invest in your business, you can adjust your strategy.

3 – Finance

You may not have the time or the resources to work for another company, but that doesn’t mean that you can not help to the family finances by adding some extra income.

Having your own business offers a great financial support.

4 – Time to Enjoy Your Children

There is nothing like seeing your children grow up, and you can see them grow by the second. Moms want to be there and want to enjoy and capture those memories.

Having your own business means organizing your own schedule so you can spend more time with your children.

5 – Search for Personal Fulfillment

This is a big one; at least this was MY big one. Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience. Feeling the touch of you baby’s skin cannot be compared to anything. But you find yourself with a lot of time to think, and to revisit a lot of the choices you’ve made in your life. You find that you are not the person you used to be anymore. Your identity has evolved. Your needs have evolved. You need to feed your soul.

Having your own business allows you to customize your work environment; it allows you grow on a different level.

Thank you for your time.


Can you be happier than right now?

Life is a constant inconsistency. Life is a certain uncertainty.
You can plan. You can dream. You can even prepare for what you think is coming. But life happens. Life is capricious and unpredictable.

So how do you prepare for life? Are you one of those who see the glass half empty or half full? Do you see change as an impediment or as an opportunity? Are you a pessimistic or an optimistic?

Well, I will tell you about me.

I always considered myself as a REALISTIC, although optimistics always told me that considering oneself realistic was nothing else than being PESIMISTIC. They might be right but as life ”happened” to me I have learnt that my way of seeing things make me happy.

I normally hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I would like everything to go according to plan but I plan in case something goes wrong. I always see things from different perspectives and try to see other people’s potential reactions and opinions. I must admit it is quite exhausting at times but I can’t help it, this is who I am.

What I have noticed lately is that I am suffering a transformation. I think I am becoming an optimistic, oh no, horror! I see life as an opportunity where even the difficult times are there for a reason, and the reason is always there to improve who you are.

We are living challenging times. The economy is really bad. Many people have found themselves without jobs, without means to pay their homes. We have this sense of dismay in the air. People are preoccupied. The future is uncertain.

But you can look at the bright side of your circumstances. There must be something you can learn from it. I am not saying that you should be happy if you are not but don’t stop fighting and searching for a better life. For a better YOU.

I can tell you that life has nothing to do with your happiness. You are the only one that can decide to be happy. You make your own story. You create your own reality. You have the power.

So why don’t you reflect on your life? Why don’t you figure out what is your purpose? Why don’t you tell me the reason that makes your life so complicated? Or why don’t you share with me the secret of your happiness?

Now tell me, how much happier can you be?

Be right here right now!

The days go by. We fit all our responsibilities and our chores the best we can in our daily routines. We handle one thousand things at the same time and we struggle to adjust to the new unexpected events that happen around us everyday.

And one day you look back and 10 years have just gone without even noticing it. You look at your children and you remember the day when they were born and it seems like if it was ages ago. You remember those times when you were young, innocent and you wanted to conquer the world. Where did all those plans and projects go?

If today is one of those days where you need to be present, I invite you to sit down and reflect on your life.

Why should I remember you today?

What makes you so especial?

What have you accomplished in all these years? What are you proud of?

What are your dreams? How do you envision your future?

I am sure that you are a wonderful person, that you are strong, that you are beautiful, that you care for others, that you have accomplished a lot, that you should be proud of yourself for being here today, that you deserve to be happy. Can you see it?

Don’t you think it is worth to be present? Don’t you think you deserve to take some time to reflect on your life now and then and realize how much you have accomplished? Don’t you think it is necessary to revisit your dreams and create new ones to keep you going? Don’t you think you need to be present in your life?